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The Calhoun Institute was formed and created, as a non-profit corporation in South Carolina dedicated to the purpose of enhancing scholarship, education and critical thinking related to matters of first principles.  Our secondary purpose is to preserve that which was good and correct of the legacy and political philosophy of John C. Calhoun.   Lastly, it is our charge to support, defend and cultivate the good and true portions of the Southern tradition and culture.

Toward those ends and objectives, the Institute has taken baby steps over the last three years by building a web presence and engaging with others of like mind and philosophy – these efforts culminated with our incorporation January of 2019.

The philosophical premise that undergirds the formation of the Institute and the vision for the way forward is that there simply must exist a different political, social and moral solution to the problems we now face in our post-modern society.  We seem to only search for solutions considering two-teams – political parties that are two sides to a common coin, never analyzing root causes nor evaluating historical trends and lessons from great minds of the past.

For the Institute to realize its founding mission and vision we need your help.   We are not asking for your money, nor are we asking to spam you with a mail list or any of that.  We are seeking bright, innovative, inquisitive minds to join our fellowship, to become part of the Institute.

You may help us in one of three ways (or perhaps all)

Become a Fellow of the Institute

We seek scholars of all levels (high school through PhD professors) that have a desire and calling to study, write, discuss and share knowledge and ideas with other Institute fellows and in the world generally.   We believe by admitting fellows at various levels of their academic career we might better form a community by which those more senior and degreed might mentor and lead the younger generations coming along.  Fellowships are granted based upon the breadth of one’s life’s work and/or academic achievements (Acolyte, Associate, Senior).

If interested, you may make inquiries at or write to us at, P.O. Box 1385, 1503 North Main Street, Abbeville SC 29620.

If you have seen or read enough and are ready to join us you may submit your resume/CV and or Linkedin profile to the address above and we will contact you with additional questions.  There are no dues or fees associated with becoming a fellow of the Institute.


Write for the Institute

We are always interested in receiving papers written about Calhoun, his political philosophy and legacy.  We are also interested in papers related to an approach to modern political problems from a political philosophy approach that Calhoun would recognize.

If interested, please submit to


Talk About Us

We welcome any and all publicity but adore positive words.  If you enjoy any of the content we provide online and believe in what we are doing please, share us on your blog, twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and at your next neighborhood cookout.





The Calhoun Institute

Abbeville, SC


PDF version

Reconsidering Concurrent Majorities

In a recent post, I contend that:

America is more divided culturally and politically than at any time since the 1850’s.  Real and authentic dialogue does not occur and violence and the threat of violence increase daily.  We are on a precarious path with potentially dangerous outcomes. (read more)

I conclude that we must find a way to acknowledge concurrent majorities as proposed by Calhoun or we must embrace devolution and/or secession in some form.  Our government is becoming too large to scale and retain democratic representation.

PDF available here


We hope you consider joining and contributing to this project. Humanity is at a crossroads with essentially two choices – continue down the path toward greater collectivization resulting in an ever-diminished individual voice or create systems that respect locality, organic nationhood, diversity and the individual.

Our goal is the seek and discuss ways to highlight that small is beautiful.

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